Club History

Charyu Combat Club History.

Our club was initially formed in June 1992 by Colin Blackburn and Tony Harding. They trained under the umbrella of Master Bill Harrison Ji Do Kwan (Korean Karate) and the British Karate Association (BKA).

In 1996 Colin and Tony changed the direction of our club and left the BKA to join The National Association of Karate and Martial Arts Schools (NAKMAS). From here the club started to develop its own identity.

The club was later associated with AMA and now Cobra Martial Arts Association. Both Colin and Tony had a history in other martial art forms before finally concentrating on Taekwondo and it was obvious that these would influence the style. A new club, Charyu Taekwondo was born.

Our now Chief instructor Stuart Macauley joined the club in 1998 and was eventually handed the reigns. In 2017, with 26 years of training experience Stuart decided to take our club in a new direction, he relaunched the club as Charyu Combat Club.

Our new club now drops the Taekwondo name and becomes Charyu Combat Club, allowing us to take ourselves in a new direction in combat and fitness. Because our chief instructor is a 4th dan black belt in Taekwondo, and it is his main love, there are still many elements of Taekwondo in our training regime and members can still be fully licenced and work toward their Taekwondo belts, if they wish, under the guidance of our Cheif Instructor Stuart Macauley.