Why strive to be the best you can when you dont feed your body with the best you can? Where’s the sense in that?! At Charyu Combat club we believe in not only striving to be the best we personally can in our martial art, skills, discipline and our personal levels of fitness, but also by putting the best fuels in our body to help us accomplish those milestones.

Charyu Combat club is working closely with Change4Life, you may have heard of them already if you have children in school, they may have brought home some Change4Life packs already, thats great! please, please, encourage them to explore these packs by taking part yourselves too.

These packs aren’t just for our younger members tho, our adult members will find lots of useful information in them too. Please ask us for some info if you haven’t already received a pack!

From time to time we will be handing out new updated information packs and activities to our members and find ways to integrate Change4Life into our routines and lessons.